International Faculty

Dr. Christopher S Ahuja

Works at University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Fehlings, Krembil Research Institute, part of the University Health Network.
Dr. Christopher Ahuja studied Neuroscience and psychology at the University of Toronto and later received his MD from Queen's University. He operates a Durham-based tutoring business for Kindergarten to University learners.
Prof. Dr. Iype Cherian

Neurosurgeon, Director and Chair of Nobel Institute of Neuroscience, Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar. He is also the counselor general of Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS) and in charge of ACNS Education Course.
Known for his exceptional surgical skills, ground breaking work and passion for developing futuristic neurosciences, Dr Iype Cherian is the Director and Chair of Nobel Institute of Neurosciences, Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital (NMCTH), Biratnagar.
He is the Counselor General of Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons as well as member of WFNS Anatomy Committee, and faculty member of the World Federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS). He is the inventor of Cisternostomy, a treatment for severe head injury.

Dr. James David Guest

M.D., PH.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.
Dr. Guest is currently a Professor of Neurological Surgery at the Miller School of Medicine and the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis in Miami, Florida.
Dr. Guest's extensive contributions to the field of spinal cord injury, both in terms of medical practice and research, span over two decades. He’s given more than 25 invited lectures domestically and internationally and has authored over 75 peer-reviewed publications, including articles, book chapters, and abstracts in the areas of cellular therapy for spinal cord injury, biology of neuroglia, and mechanisms of secondary injury.
Prof. Dr. Jack I Jallo

Dr. Jack Jallo, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., Department of Neurological Surgery at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience, and was named a professor at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.
Dr. Jack I Jallo is a Neurosurgery Specialist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He specializes in neurosurgery, neurological spine reconstructive surgery, and more.

Prof. Dr. Peter Reilly

Emeritus Professor, Neurosurgery Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Professor, University of Adelaide
Prof. Peter was the NRF Secretary from 1999-2008, a Member of the NRF Board from 1980-2010, and on the NRF Scientific Committee from 2004-2010.
Dr. Jogi V Pattisappu

Dr. Jogi Pattisapu, MD is a neurosurgery specialist in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from University Of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston in 1981 and has been in practice for 38 years and specializes in neurosurgery.
He completed a residency at University of Utah Health Care.
Dr. Pattisapu is board certified in Neurological Surgery.

Dr. Randall Chesnut

Dr. Randall Chesnut is a neurosurgeon in Seattle, Washington and has been practicing for 28 years.
Dr. Chesnut, based at Harborview Medical Center, is a University of Washington professor with appointments in two departments: Neurological Surgery, and Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.
He has particular expertise in surgery and critical care for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, failed back surgery, and adult spondylolisthesis, as well as sports-related spine and brain injuries.
His clinical interests include brain and spinal injuries including sports-related injuries. His research interests include improvement of care for traumatic brain and spine injuries, investigation of outcomes in trauma care systems in developing countries in Latin America and targeted therapy in the management of traumatic brain injury.
Dr. Alda Rocca

Dr. Alda Rocca received her MD from the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan (Italy) in 2007. She started her residency in Neurosurgery in the Department of Neurosurgery at San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan (Italy).
She is part of the staff of the Neurosurgical department at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland.
She is also involved in teaching medical students and nurses in the field of Neurosurgery.
Dr. Alda Rocca focused her research on Skull base neurosurgery and use of occipital nerve stimulation in medically refractory headaches and Neurorehabilitation in severe brain injured patients.

Dr. Shankar Gopinath

M.D., Neurosurgery – Baylor College of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Dr. Shankar P Gopinath, is a Neurosurgery Specialist in Houston, Texas. He received his medical degree from Mysore Medical College. He graduated with honors in 1979. Having more than 40 years of diverse experiences, especially in neurosurgery. Dr. Shankar P Gopinath is the Associate Professor at Baylor College Of Medicine and the Chief Neurosurgery at Harris Health Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas.
Prof. Dr. W C Peul

MD, PhD, Professor of General Neurosurgery, Neurosurgeon and Epidemiologist.
Prof. Dr. Peul graduated from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and followed his training as a neurosurgeon at the Westeinde hospital in The Hague and at the LUMC in Leiden.
He specializes in spinal, skull and vascular surgery.
He also has his MSc. obtained in Epidemiology at the EMGO, University of Amsterdam.
Professor Peul is the founder and principal investigator of the Spine Intervention and Prognostic Study (SIPS) Group at the LUMC and has many scientific studies to his name.

Prof. Dr. Shekar N Kurpad

Sanford J Larson Professor and Chairman at Department of Neurological Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin.
Dr. Shekar Kurpad specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of spinal and cranial disorders. His expertise lies in the surgery for malignant brain tumors, degenerative disease of the spine, tumors of the spine, spine trauma and skull base tumors, and minimally invasive methods for the treatment of spinal disorders.
Dr. Shekar Kurpad has extensive research experience in both brain tumor biology and spinal cord injury and has authored several peer reviewed publications and book chapters in these areas.
As the recipient of the prestigious Van Wagenen fellowship from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, he conducted cellular transplantation research for spinal cord injury at the internationally recognized Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.
He runs a laboratory at the Medical College of Wisconsin with international collaborators for the study of spinal cord injury.
Prof. Yonghong Wang

M.D. Ph.D. Professor, Neurosurgery Department Shanxi Dayi Hospital.
Degree and Major: Master degree Major in Surgery
Thesis Topic/Research Focus: Microneurosurgery.
Endoscope-assisted microneurosurgical treatment of epidermoid at cerebello-pontine angle Cancer Research And Clinic
Microneurosurgical treatment of epidermoid at cerebello-pontine angle Journal of Shanxi Medical University
Microanatomy of clinoid segment of internal carotid artery Journal of Shanxi Medical University
The application study on intraoporative Neurophysiological monitoring for the large acoustic neuroma Cancer Research And Clinic

Dr. Santhani M Selveindran
United Kingdom

Santhani M Selveindran (MBBS; MPH; ALCM) has completed a Masters from the University of Edinburgh. She has been practicing for more than 15 years in Malaysia, Singapore and now in the United Kingdom, where service provision was the mainstay of her occupation, dealing with patients from all walks of life and a diverse range of problems. Whilst at university, she was entrusted leadership positions, being a committee member of the Christian Fellowship and choir conductor. She was also involved in voluntary work amongst various groups of people, both as a student and even as a working professional-this included teaching (English, Mathematics and music) and medical services. Of note, she volunteered with a non-governmental organization to assist survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, in Acheh. Relating to that, her Masters' dissertation was a Systematic Review on the effectiveness of Psychosocial Interventions for survivors of Natural disasters.